Miley Feet

Miley Cyrus Feet

She's a future fashion icon and Hollywood's next big thing, according to some. We say she's a 2010 A-list diva and she is setting the bar for her collegues and the next generation of stars. This is built out of our true dedication to the perfect pair. It's a Miley Cyrus feet and legs tribute...


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Sexy Amateur Feet

I admit it without the slightest form of shame: I am a true miss Cyrus fan and I intend to stay it. She's an absolute star at the Hollywood firmament and she is just starting out. Her goddess like good looks and angel voice are helping her to reach the top in no time. She is on the verge of a break through and I'm a fan of the early hours. I compiled a COMPLETE MILEY CYRUS FEET AND LEGS ARCHIVE which has it all: soles, toes, leggy shots and ultra sexy high heels. She's a real stunner and it doesn't really matter what she wears on her feet, but even sandals or sneakers make her look like an creature from beyond. Enjoy the show!

Those Boots Were Made For Walking

Mylie Cyrus Legs

I thought I'd start of with a very nice picture I've found a while ago. It shows Miley in a pair of very sexy boots, heading to a trendy venue. She is dressed to impress in a sober, yet very sexy outfit. Our favorite girl doesn't mind showing off her assests so it was not a very hard job finding the TONS OF ORIGINAL MILEY CYRUS LEGS IMAGES that I got laying around for you. All her pics and vids are neatly organised for your pleasure and they even got company from all of your other favorite celebs!

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Looking Casual On Her Slippers

Miley Cyrus Feet

I obviously don't know about you but I like my women to be dressed up and looking to die for. It's needless to day that I don't like the flip flop trend or, God forbid, those awful Uggs. Every little bit of sexiness is killed by those types of shoes. I have to admit Miley still looks kinda cute in her casual outfit, wearing Gisele's trademark slippers. I thought I'd throw those pics in, just for your pleasure and for a nice view at her astonishing good looking toes. Off course, when you don't like it, we got a HUGE COLLECTION OF MILEY CYRUS FEET PICS AND VIDEO INSIDE!

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